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Why Should You Use Marine Grade Paints for Kimple Aluminium Boats?

Blog | 13 April 2018

A tough aluminium craft is skipping over the waves. Its hull catches the sun. That metal is unblemished. An oxide layer is protecting the alloy from the water and the environment. Nevertheless, oxide coatings scratch and corrosion-resistant alloys aren’t corrosion-proof. That’s one of the reasons advanced marine grade paints are applied to Kimple aluminium boats. Designed to absolutely protect the metal, this paint deserves its moment in the spotlight.

Painted Kimple Aluminium Boats 

Like a flexible skin, the treated veneer envelopes the hull. The paint cuts down harsh reflections, prevents the metal from soaking up the sun’s heat, and shows off the craft’s sleek lines. These are the initial benefits, the rewards experienced by the crew when they’re out on a short voyage. Furthermore, the second skin stops fluid penetration. That’s a problem for generic boats, but it’s one that rarely occurs on a premium class craft. All the same, a faulty fixture or careless spill could expose the lightweight metal to fuel or oil damage. Marine grade paints protect all-welded Kimple aluminium hulls from these liquid reagents.

Craftily Hued Cruising 

As attractive as that naked aluminium skin is, it’s going to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. A camo-green finish helps the boat to fade into the background. Birds and animals treat the painted boat like it’s a part of the environment. Coat the boat with greens and browns, and head out to the wildest edge of the lake for some fun animal spotting. Alternatively, paint it in several colours so that the unibody shape is broken up and is difficult to identify. Bands of black and blue would follow the water line above a pearlescent white hull, in this case. Then, observed by man and animal alike, the boat passes quickly on its specially profiled Kimple frame, but that exquisitely painted boat shell lingers in the memory.

Marine grade paints protect aluminium hulls from corrosion. Now, Kimple Aluminium boats are more corrosion-resistant than most, but a resistant surface does not equal an immune surface. Consider a product that works on wood, fibreglass, and metal. Better yet, choose a paint that’s designed to be used on aluminum boats. Incidentally, make sure there’s a label on the can. Is the paint meant for the gunwale and the hull well? Can it be coated on the outer surface, below the waterline? Remember, a Kimple aluminium boat is an investment. Protect that investment by purchasing the right paint, especially if you plan to visit a salty body of water.

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