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Why Kimple Aluminium Boats are the Perfect Choice for Australian Waters

Blog | 29 January 2019

All Kimple aluminium boats deliver smooth, responsive rides. That’s a fairly impressive claim, considering the capricious nature of our Australian waters. Smooth and accommodating during the day, the waters surrounding our great southern continent can turn choppy as the day lengthens. No worries, turbulent or glassy smooth, Kimpletinnies have an aluminium-plated vessel that’ll provide a comfortable, reliable boating experience.

Full-Package Boating

Viewed from the deck, the features grow as a potential buyer inspects a Kimple aluminium boat. There are storage boxes for stowing fishing gear and snacks. Comfortable EVA stuffed bench seats are fitted so that that choppy cruise on Australian waters doesn’t cause bum bruising. Anti-slip tape, a swim ladder, even an included bilge pump, the fully-equipped deck guarantees a sense of boating peace of mind. Then, depending on the size of the craft, the thickness of the aluminium plating increases to offset the water’s unpredictable nature. If the boat slides sideways against a hard dock or concealed rock, it easily shrugs off the impact.

Exploring Australian Waters

Although full of flat land, most Australians live near the coast, and we love recreational boating. Unfortunately, there are hazards on the open waters. There are sharks out there and large cetacean beasts. Closer to shore, riptides and strong tidal forces create the kind of waves that have made our coasts a surfer’s paradise. However, all of those different natural elements can impact a sailing vessel hard. To offset such fierce energies, at least when cruising Australian waters, boating enthusiasts turn towards Kimple aluminium boats, vessels that can take punishment and come back for more without sporting a single dent or scratch. And remember, even a slow-going excursion can become dangerous going, with a high southern tide dropping fast to expose a rocky outcropping.

A 4.25-metre long 430 Catch provides a 1.7mm hull. Checking out a 450 Adventure, the boat’s 4.45-metre hull accommodates 4 adults. But look at the maximum depth of the two craft. At 0.58-metres deep, for the 430 Catch, and a massive 0.86-metre depth for the 450 Adventure, Kimple boats present a deep bow, which cuts through choppy waters like a hot knife through cold butter. Sailing inland, caught by a tide in a small bay, or snagged offshore by a southern riptide, this branded range of stability-enhanced tinnies won’t bump and twist when hit by a side-on wave, nor will they recoil before an Antarctic swell as it surges in from afar. In fact, you can pull out a cool drink and hold your fishing rod one-handed, safe in the knowledge the hull will splice its way through a choppy, Australian-scale current.

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