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Why Aluminium is the Best Material for Boat Trailers

Blog | 13 December 2018

Aluminium really is an amazing boat trailer materials. Due to the alloy’s substantial weight-to strength coefficient, this metal is light but strong. That’s a feature every boat owner knows and loves. Even if the tow car is a compact, not a brawny pickup truck, the job gets done. With the boat and trailer in tow, the car cruises towards a lake edge.

Aluminium Boat Trailers Cruise

A safely cradled boat is waiting to cruise the open waters. Meanwhile, its boat trailer is showing off its own cushioned kilometre eating capabilities. Thanks to the lightweight but durable trailer metal, the moderately muscled vehicle engine climbs steep grades and brakes easily at the bottom of fast-dropping hills. The boat is fairly heavy, but it’s also made of lightweight aluminium, so the mass isn’t unmanageable. Paired with the weight of the trailer, a relatively powerful vehicle engine can handle the majority of road rises and falls, plus the twists and turns that necessitate a responsive steering wheel.

A Clear Non-Freshwater Winner

Boat trailers should be corrosion resistant. Now, many alternative metals are rust resistant, but that feature isn’t exactly reliable. More than rust resistant, modern aluminium boat trailers are comprehensively rustproof. Even an ordinary trailer, coated in aluminium oxide, resists water oxidization. For a level of oxidization proofing that’s hard to beat, places where coastal waters dominate, briny salt water corrosion is far more caustic. In this scenario, a top-tier aluminium trailer assures a rust-free boating experience.

Aesthetically Pleasing Mariner Cradles

Even if the thin aluminium oxide coating gets a scratch, the metal only scores slightly while it develops a light coating of white powder. The white powder even acts as a self-healing feature, so a new aluminium oxide film takes form as the trailer ages. Now, with the protective coating and weight-to-strength ratio working in concert, the boat cradle retains its good looks. That’s something that can’t be said for steel. Unless that alloy is heavily zinc-galvanized, it’ll age and develop an ugly yellow-brown bloom. Finally, with aluminium performing as the base material for the boat and its trailer, galvanic corrosion can never be a worry. With steel and other ferrous-rich metals, that’s a promise that can’t be kept. Plastics are an option, of course, but plastics wear faster than aluminium, which is a durable metal.

Indeed, modern aluminium alloys are closing the durability gap. They’re still not as hard or as rigid as stainless steel or galvanized metals, but they’re more than hard enough to serve as a durable boat trailer frame. In and out of saltwater, speeding down the highways and byways behind a moderately powerful towing vehicle, aluminium boat trailers are simply the best, and that’s a fact.

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