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What Makes Kimple Boats Special?

Blog | 04 December 2017

We’re often asked what it takes to make a boat manufacturer stand out? In the case of an aluminium craft that’s a cut above the rest, is it fabricating know-how that makes the difference? Maybe it’s an innate ability to pair the right design with a certain environment? Well, we believe Kimple is that premium grade boat builder, and here’s why.

Kimple Boats Are Built to Last 

Fair enough, some competitors use rivets when they assemble the fabricated components of their boats. They operate well enough, except rivets can leak. Boats manufactured in the Kimple factory don’t use rivets. No, instead of potentially leaky fasteners, the finely engineered runabouts are welded. The robust ribs reinforcing the hull are all welded, as is the hull itself. Assembled and fastened in this expert manner, every craft in the Kimple boating portfolio is certain to be entirely rigid and capable of taking a pounding.

Manufactured from Thick Marine Aluminium 

All the welding expertise in the world won’t help, not if the metal panels are weak. Not to worry, this expert marine factory works with top-tier marine aluminium, a metal that’s flexible yet loaded with tensile strength. Combine innate durability with wide hull ribs and welded seams, and you know that this little skiff is one tough little vessel. Scratch-resistant, unlikely to deform, and structurally rigid, this boating range delivers the kind of cruising strength that hardier sailing types demand, which is why Kimple Boats are special.

No Ordinary Designs 

Built tough, the boats in the Kimple catalogue are also visually appealing. Fine lines and delicately inlaid curves suggest speed and maneuverability. Furthermore, this is an independently owned manufacturer, so there are no cookie cutter designs in evidence here, just a knack for delivering tailor-made crafts. Each boat, whether it’s a tiny skiff or a sizable 20-seater, is customisable. Everything, the trim, the hull shape, the seating arrangements, bends to an adaptable workflow. Keep that personalised service in mind when the time comes to shop for your rigid aluminium craft, one that meets your needs and the needs of the boating environment.

There’s a reason why certain manufacturers stand head and shoulders above their nearest competitors. For Kimple Boats, it’s fabrication proficiency that makes the biggest difference. Partnered with a flair for customising the chosen boat type, with an ability to really deliver a visually stunning final product that tough aluminium boat will serve with distinction for many years. As if all that wasn’t enough, Kimple Boats are also special because they’re easy to maintain, paint, and repair.

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