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What is Antifouling Paint for Aluminium Boats?

Blog | 09 October 2018

If you possess your own aluminium boat then you are no doubt familiar with the myriad of things that you need to do in order to properly keep your vessel up and running in optimal conditions. If you don’t own a boat and are merely looking to learn about another aspect of ownership, we can help you out. Today, we are going to be discussing the importance of applying antifouling paint to your aluminium boat. We’ll briefly talk about what antifouling paint is before detailing the benefits that come once you apply it. We’ll also briefly talk about how to apply antifouling paint to your vessel. Are you ready to begin?

Antifouling Paint: An Overview for Aluminium BoatsĀ 

One of the most important things that you can do for your aluminium boat will occur before your vessel even nears the water. We are of course talking about applying a layer of antifouling paint to your boat. Antifouling paint is almost self-explanatory, but that still doesn’t mean you can get away with not knowing what it does. Let’s go ahead and begin our antifouling paint overview.

1) What is antifouling paint?

Antifouling paint is, well, paint. More specifically, antifouling paint is a special coating that you lay overtop the hull of your aluminium boat. Aluminium paint is typically comprised of bioactive ingredients that are water-soluble. Applying antifouling paint to the hull of your ship is an absolutely vital step that many people still manage to forget about.

2) What are the benefits of antifouling paint?

Well, the name itself is almost self-explanatory. After all, antifouling paint must clearly prevent your boat from running into trouble. Specifically, antifouling paint is useful creating a barrier on your hull to improve water flow around your vessel, thus allowing you to cut through the water faster and more effectively. Additionally, the antifouling paint will also help to slow down the accumulation of algae and other marine life that would otherwise call your hull home.

3) How do I apply antifouling paint to my aluminium boat?

Finally, let’s talk about how you actually apply antifouling paint to your vessel. The first thing you need to do is completely pull your boat out of the water. Look over your vessel for any potential damage and repair any issues before applying your first layer of paint. Before you apply your first layer of antifouling paint, take care to sand the hull down to make it smooth. Apply as many layers as your specific product deems necessary in order to get the required benefits. Not all brands are applied in exactly the same way so if you are confused, consult the instructions.

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