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Using Spiral Ducts for Air Vents: What are the Benefits?

Blog | 17 August 2018

There is no topic bound to inspire as much ambivalence or excitement as the discussion of ductwork. If you are an HVAC professional or merely interested in improving the quality of airflow in your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. While you might think that you know everything that there is to know about ductwork, we’re going to attempt to challenge you today. Our discussion is going to be focused on the benefits of utilising spiral ducts for your air vents. We’re going to talk about the basic premise behind spiral ducting before going over the wide range of benefits that this kind of HVAC installation can instill.

Utilising Spiral Ducts for Your Air Vents

If you’ve walked into a newly designed or constructed building, you’ve likely come face to face with spiral sheet metal ductwork. This no doubt can confuse people who aren’t used to seeing this kind of installation, so we are going to do our best in order to dispel some of the misunderstandings. Spiral ducting has been in use for decades, but is only now becoming something of a trending issue in the HVAC world. The reasons are plentiful and all of them have to do with maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your air flow. Let’s get into the specific benefits of these spiral-shaped ducting designs.

1) Minimise Air Leaks
– Ask any HVAC professional what the problem is with most ventilation ducting and they’ll tell you, ‘leakage’. At joints and elbows, air flow is lost via leaks in traditional ducting. Spiral ducting minimises this loss of energy by creating a self-sealing design.

2) Affordability – Did you know that spiral ducting is less expensive to install? It’s true! You can save up to 50% of your installation cost when opting for spiral ducting instead of traditional rectangular ducting.

3) Space Saving Opportunity
– Rectangular ducting takes up a larger area than spiral ducting. Rectangular ducting requires that up to 3 inches of extra space be allotted around the installation so that reinforcements can be installed at each joint. With spiral ducting, you don’t have to account for this space.

4) Easier to Maintain – Finally, spiral ducting is easier to maintain and longer lasting as a result. Professional HVAC teams are able to quickly and effectively clean through a spiral duct when they’d have to take more time to do the same for traditional ductwork.

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider spiral ducts for your air vents. Talk to a local HVAC professional in order to install spiral ducts in your home or business!

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