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Top Three Factors to Consider When Buying Your Aluminium Boat Trailer

Blog | 26 April 2018

To be able to tow your boat safely on the road, it is crucial to select the right type of trailer. This is no easy task since there are so many styles and sizes of them on the market today. Also, there are various materials in these trailers and one in particular is easier to care for than the others, namely aluminium. Its attributes include that it is lightweight, able to be galvanised, rust resistant and more. We share three top factors to consider when buying your aluminium boat trailer to help you find the best one for your boat.

Select the Right Size of Trailer for Your Boat

Your aluminium trailer must be the right length, depth and width to support your boat in a secure manner. The boat should not be able to shift in transport as this could damage the hull and other parts of the boat. Securing a boat on a trailer is much more than winching it in place and/or tying it down. Boats have in the past come off trailers in the middle of the road during transport. Along with damaging the boat, this can cause other accidents to occur with drivers trying to dodge the boat. Tongue strength and configuration also is part of finding the correct aluminium trailer of your boat.

Buy a Galvanised Trailer If You Intend on Placing Your Boat in Saltwater

While a regular aluminium trailer is corrosion resistant enough for freshwater use, it is not for saltwater. Saltwater is much harsher on all metals, including aluminium than freshwater is with normal exposure. For this reason, if you intend on offloading your boat into saltwater, you should buy a galvanised aluminium one to ensure that the trailer lasts as long as it should for you.

Lights Are a Must for Road Travel

Do not forget lights and wiring for the trailer. After all, the people behind you need to know when you put on your brakes on your vehicle. If you fail to remember these elements, you will need to add them later at an additional expense in order for you to haul your boat on the road legally.

For further factors to consider when purchasing your aluminium boat trailer, consult with our company, AWW Group. We not only specialise in selling Kimple aluminium boats and Powertec outboards but also offer a full line of aluminium trailers for transporting boats. Our staff members can expertly advise you on which trailer will meet your needs in the ideal, durable, secure fashion.

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