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Things to Remember When Buying a New Powertec Outboard Motor

Blog | 07 November 2017

Some would argue that the most important aspect of a day out on the water is a leak-proof boat. We won’t argue there, but we will posit that it always helps to have a high quality motor on hand. Today we are going to talk about the Powertec Outboard Motors that have become so popular in the boating industry. These boat motors range in size, power, and efficiency and there is one for almost every kind of boat out there. We’ll go over every step you should take before leaving the store with one to make sure you are well set up for a day out on the water.

The Powertec Outboard Motor

Before we dive into our checklist, let’s talk a little bit about what a Powertec Outboard Motor can offer you. An outboard motor, rather than an inboard motor, has a few key differences. To start with, outboard motors are much easier to steer while on the water thanks to their directional thrusting and integral skeg. Next up, outboard motors are also much easier to keep clean and well maintained thanks to their location on the aft of your boat. You can work on an outboard motor from the inside of your board. Outboard motors are especially convenient for solo, or small crew boating outings.

Powertec Outboard Motor Checklist

Now that you know how an outboard motor differs from a traditional inboard motor, we can start to talk a little bit about the key aspects of choosing one. Before you make any large purchase, and a Powertec Outboard Motor would make that list, you need to answer a few questions.

1. Power Needs – Before purchasing a motor check with the safety information of your boat. You’ll want to know the maximum horsepower your vessel can handle as well as the maximum weight that the engine can be. Keeping your engine at the appropriate weight will make your boating a safer venture.

2. Person Capacity – Engines are built for their cargo, so know how many people you plan on having in your boat. Referring to the National Marine Manufacturers Plate can lead you to the proper capacity for people in your boat vs the horsepower needed to propel them.

3. Craft Build – There has been a very real movement toward aluminium boats. Aluminium boats are lightweight and thus allow you to go with a smaller Powertec Outboard Motor. If you have a fibreglass boat then skip this point.

Powertec Outboard Motors are among the best on the market now. With sizes ranging from 2.5 HP to 90 HP, the choice is yours.

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