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Reasons Why You Should Choose to Buy Powertec Outboard Motors

Blog | 15 March 2018

A number of headlining descriptors slide into place above each Powertec outboard motor. On the one hand, this iconic marine propulsion line is famous for its power. Then, on looking at another member of this elite engine group, they’re renowned for their reliable, performance-tuned capabilities. Isn’t speed and power enough? Why does engine reliability matter? Check out this singular boating scenario for an explanation.

The Need for a Tried and True Boating Engine 

Before getting to the facts, figures and features, consider the differences between these two incidents. A road vehicle, its engine damaged, coasts to a stop at the edge of a road. Never mind, the car will be back on the road after a tow service is called out. After spending an hour in the garage, it zipped back to the highway. Apply that situation to a boat. There are underwater currents, tides, and winds pulling at the incapacitated craft. In other words, a boat simply cannot afford to be at the mercy of such unpredictable elements, not when it could be sent crashing into a mountain of rocks or pushed away from normal boating lanes.

Implement The Powertec Maxim 

So the aforementioned headlining features weren’t vague promises, they’re actually performance-assured facts. To begin with, Powertec engines are manufactured from durable but lightweight five-layer aluminium alloys, so they won’t corrode. Below that attractive housing, 2-stroke and 4-stroke propulsion mechanisms deliver reliable power. If the throttle is engaged, the helmsman can be sure the boat will respond immediately. To give one important example of this feature, imagine a docking aluminium boat. It’s throttling toward the ramp, but a cross-current is pushing the prow sideways. Apply the throttle. As it engages, the prow corrects, the boat escapes scrape-free, and all onlookers gasp a sigh of relief.

Even a Powertec 3.5 HP 2 Stroke Engine delivers in big ways. It’s portable, fuel efficient, and equipped with 70-cc cylinder displacement. Sure, the smaller 17-kg engine employs a manual start mechanism, but there are plenty of auto-start engines on the Powertec list, too. Check out the flagship Powertec 70 HP 2 Stroke Engine for this self-starting feature, an 849-cc, 3-cylinder beast that can be adapted to operate as a remote-steerable propulsion unit. Finally, backed by manufacturing standards that satisfy ISO and CE compliance, these are not empty boasts. Again, on the outside, the satin black housings that convey the Powertec label are corrosion-resistant, attractive, and armoured with layers of lightweight aluminium. On the inside, Powertec outboard motors are entirely reliable. They’re also fast, powerful, and fuel economic.

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