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Lockseam Spiral Tube Manufacturer and Supplier in Victoria

Blog | 17 October 2017

The construction industry is one that requires the absolute best out of each component in their tool box and each piece of material that they work with. Why? Naturally, because people are going to rely on their work for a long time — ideally. That is why it is always best to opt for the best of the best, top of the line materials when you take on a job. If your construction team has to erect concrete pillars, run ducting for HVAC systems, or even create decorative artifices — then lockseam spiral tubing is for you. Let’s take a closer look at this material in order to teach you the ins and outs.

Lockseam Spiral Tube
No matter what industry you work in, eventually you are going to run into the words ‘high-quality’ or ‘new and improved’. Reading those buzzwords can feel meaningless but sometimes they are completely accurate. In this case, high-quality is definitely what we would use to describe lockseam spiral tubing — especially for the HVAC and concrete laying jobs you will run across. Let’s look at a few benefits of this sort of fabrication.

1. Minimised Leakage – When you are constructing an HVAC system for a client the absolute worst thing you can hear is that your ducts are leaking. Leakage is a big problem in the industry because it stresses out the entire system. Advanced fabrication techniques allow lockseam spiral ducting to be completely airtight.

2. Efficient Installation – Spiral ducting requires fewer tools for installation than other piping and tubing alternatives. Lockseam spiral tubing is also made of a lighter gauge material so it is not as heavy to work with. Finally, most spiral ducting segments come in at least 10 foot portions which is longer than the rectangular ducting alternative that many companies will offer.

3. Improved Aesthetics – Lockseam tubes don’t have to be caulked shut and as a result the look incredibly clean after they are installed. You’ll find lockseam spiral tubes in pretty much any modern commercial building or warehouse and even in some restaurants.

4. Improved Airflow
– Finally, we want to point out that the spiral shape of this tubing improves the airflow of the entire HVAC system that you are working with. Circles are considered the perfect shape for a reason. Spiral ducting prevents wasted angles where airflow becomes restricted. Having an efficient airflow means that you won’t have the building owner constantly adjusting their thermostat up and down in order to make up for the loss.

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