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Keeping Golf Carts in Tiptop Shape

Blog | 26 July 2018

If a Saturday at the golf course doesn’t sound relaxing enough, imagine spending it with your very own golf cart. Of course, owning a golf cart can feel like the height of luxury but that doesn’t mean that you can get completely lazy. While golf carts are far from the kind of vehicles you’d expect to rack up serious wear-and-tear, they still need to be properly maintained. In order to properly maintain your golf cart, we decided to put together a nice list of tips that will keep you ready and relaxed for your weekend on the green.

How to Keep Your Golf Cart in Great Shape 

It’s a beautiful day and you are ready to roll out to the golf course. With your bag packed and the sun rising, you are ready to go — that is until you realise that your golf cart won’t start. This can be a frustrating situation, to say the least, so we are here to help you make sure that it never happens to you. Keep on reading to find our MUST FOLLOW tips for keeping your golf cart in tiptop shape.

1) Routine Inspections – Just like with your car, take a moment to walk around your golf cart while closely inspecting the vehicle. Look for cracks, rust, and dents in the body and tires. A small problem with the body could blossom into a large problem if not properly addressed.

2) Charge Your Battery – Don’t treat your golf cart battery like your telephone, make sure to charge it all the way after every use. Golf cart batteries will shut off after they are fully charged, so you don’t have to worry about energy drain by leaving it plugged in all of the time. You never want to get to the golf course with a dying or dead golf cart battery.

3) Water Your Battery – In order to ensure that your golf cart’s battery stays alive, you need to get into the habit of maintaining the water levels within the battery. Take the caps off of each battery cell and fill them with water up to the clearly marked line. This line may be different depending on your model of golf cart.

4) Routine Washing
– Don’t let the elements get caked onto your golf cart. Routinely washing your golf cart can go a long way toward keeping your vehicle functioning and looking great. Wear and tear are one of the biggest indicators of a failing golf cart, so don’t let that wear and tear be represented on the body of your vehicle.

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