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Keep Your Boat Trailers Clean and Well Maintained

Blog | 01 November 2017

Part of owning a boat is having the ability to haul it where it needs to go. That is a job that a boat trailer can handle for you. Boat trailers are sturdy little machines that you can attach to the back of your vehicle by way of a hitch. While these trailers are rugged and come in a variety of different sizes, from single-axle to tandem-axle, they still need proper care and maintenance. Today we are going to discuss the proper way to keep your boat trailer clean and well maintained.

Boat Trailer Maintenance
In order to keep your boat trailer in great shape, you need to get into the habit of running through a proper maintenance checklist. Boat trailer maintenance can be just as extensive as boat maintenance, and equally as important. You don’t want to take your boat out for a day on the lake only to find out that your trailer isn’t ready to haul it. Let’s start from the beginning and work our way through this maintenance checklist.

1. The Visual Inspection
– Before and after every trip out with your boat, you need to look over your boat trailer. Visually looking at the details of your boat can help you spot potential problems before they materialise. Take this time to look over these specific issues: coupler quality, tongue jack lubrication, safety chain quality, and finally look at the bottom and side of the trailer for potential stress cracks.

2. Check Your Tires – Just like your car, you don’t want your boat trailer tires to get out of sorts. Keep your tires properly inflated and be ready to replace them if the tread gets cut too low. While you are paying attention to this part of your trailer, also do a brake check to make sure your trailer brakes are operating correctly.

3. Check Your Lights – Finally, make sure that your boat trailer has operational taillights. These warning lights are for your safety and that of everyone else on the road.

Boat Trailer Cleanliness

You can take care of all of the little things on your boat trailer but it won’t matter if the vehicle ends up crusty and beat up from lack of cleanliness. No matter what kind of boat trailer you have, you need to get into the habit of making sure that it is properly washed down and dried after use. Being in and around water can lead to sediment build up and corresponding stress. Don’t be the guy with the dirty boat trailer.

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