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How to Maximise the Life of Your Golf Cart Batteries

Blog | 15 January 2019

A golf cart is zipping up the fairway, bouncing and jouncing towards the 18th green. The 19th hole, the club bar, is so close. You’re licking your lips in anticipation of a cold beer when the golf cart battery dies. It looks like your mates will beat you to the bar. Let’s rewind time a little, let’s see why the electric cart’s battery up-and-die prematurely.

Engaging the T.L.C Approach

Tempted to pull out your trusty putter and go to town on the betrayer, you take a few moments to calm down. Instead of calling the insentient power brick a whole slew of unpleasant names, you decide to change your ways. The battery is put on charge regularly, it’s cleaned, and a fine layer of petroleum jelly is liberally applied to the battery terminals. Those terminals gain chemical gunk over time, and the pasty stuff can interfere with the power distributing components, so a scheduled clean and protective coating will soon correct that nasty issue for you.

Select a Capable Battery Charger

Some electrical knowledge is required to get the best out of the next few lines of instructional text. First off, don’t use any old battery charger. A fully-featured model is best. Equipped with essential charge optimizing features, like an automatic over and undercharging prevention circuit, branded equipment options are designed to extend and enhance battery life. To select the right model, look for a golf cart recommendation table. On finding this little selection chart, the right battery charger is intelligently matched against a range of compatible golf buggies. With less time spent feeding off of the charging dock, your sporty little electric cart will spend more time conquering the golf course.

Buckling Down On the Maintenance Work

As an outdoor pastime, golf is a fun way of staying fit. Still, who wants to spend the best part of the day hiking their way between the various holes? Already, the new battery charger is working to increase the life expectancy of your battery by a fifth. Let’s fine tune the maintenance work even further so that your day is spent whacking golf balls, not walking down long fairways. Take the slab-like power brick, check its fluid level each month, and top its cells with distilled water. Remember, away from a coastal links course, the temperatures can soar, and batteries dry faster under the sun.

Last of all, a little common sense goes a long way. Avoid steep inclines, if possible. Seek out flatter routes. Now, with a battery maintenance kit and this article nearby, you’ll always be on time for the 19th, right at the end of the bar with your thirsty golfing mates.

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