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Do Aluminium Boats Have Lower Maintenance Cost Compared to Other Boats?

Blog | 15 May 2019

When you purchase your first vessel, you have to weigh several different factors. You have to look at the cost of the boat, the features that it will offer, and how much the vehicle will cost in order to maintain. While the boating world is fiercely divided over which type of boat is best, aluminium and fibreglass continue to rise to the top of the conversation. Today, we are going to be looking at the maintenance cost of an aluminium boat in comparison to the popular fibreglass options.

Maintaining Your Aluminium Boat – Cost and Expectations

Aluminium boats have been wildly popular for a long time. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that is easy to work with. As a result, basic aluminium boats have remained relatively inexpensive whereas fibreglass boats tend to be pricier. With that being said, the truth is always going to be in the details. Are aluminium boats truly a good deal? What about costly maintenance? How much work actually goes into maintaining an aluminium boat in comparison to a fibreglass boat?

1) Common Maintenance Requirements – While aluminium boats are lighter and more affordable than a conventional fibreglass boat, that doesn’t make them weak. Maintaining your aluminium boat can be simple and affordable so long as you follow a few basic techniques.

a) Wash Your Boat – If you use your boat in saltwater, end your day by rinsing off the entire craft. Allowing saltwater to sit on your vessel’s surface will be a sure way to induce unnecessary corrosion.

b) Paint Your Hull– Your aluminium boat’s hull can be prone to corrosion and fouling if you leave it untreated. Make sure to paint up to the water line of your aluminium boat with corrosion-resistant, aluminium-friendly paint.

c) Easy Ding Removal – Aluminium is a tremendously strong material, as evidenced by its usage in the aerospace industry. With that said, dings and scratches can begin to add up. Fortunately, buffing out issues with your aluminium boat can be a relatively simple process. Aluminium boats do not have to worry about snapping from traditional wear-and-tear, unlike a fibreglass vehicle.

Maintaining an aluminium boat is not a passive process. You have to be ready to follow the simple maintenance tips that we outlined above on a regular basis. While taking care of your aluminium boat will be time intensive, it won’t hurt your wallet. Fortunately, effort doesn’t always cost a ton of money. Make sure to rinse your boat off, store it properly, and keep the hull appropriately painted in order to prevent the vessel from fouling over time.

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