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Correct Methods of Polishing and Cleaning Aluminium Boat Hulls

Blog | 26 October 2018

Aluminium boats are incredibly popular for people who want to hit the water without the hassle that can come along with other boat materials, such as wood. Aluminium is a durable and long-lasting material that is affordable to fabricate and easy to work with. However, with all of that being said, maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to your aluminium boat. Specifically, it is incredibly important that you get into the habit of properly cleaning and polishing your aluminium boat hulls. If you want your boat to last as long as possible without being marred by degradation, you need to get into a cleaning and polishing routine. Today, we are going to outline the correct methods of polishing and cleaning your aluminium boat hull.

A Complete Guide to Cleaning & Polishing an Aluminium Boat Hull

When dealing with an aluminium boat, your foremost priority will be in providing quality maintenance and preventative care. In order to prevent issues related to rust and oxidation, you need to get into the habit of being proactive with your cleaning and polishing routine. With that being said, all activity is not good activity and there are specific ways that you need to pursue taking care of your aluminium boat hull. Let’s jump into the discussion by pointing out the correct process for cleaning and polishing your aluminium boat hull.

1) Wash off Any Build-Up

The easiest way to mess up your boat is by letting all of the gunk and build-up from the water stay on your hull. You should start your cleaning activity by washing off all of the build-ups with a specialised cleaner that is made for aluminium. Rinse your boat off thoroughly after the cleaner has been applied and allowed to sink into the hull.

2) Use Marine Friendly Products

Whether you are polishing your hull or spot-treating areas that need to be cleaned, you need to focus on chemical products that are marine friendly. Using products that are not graded for use in the water can lead to larger stains, bigger problems, and longer-lasting headaches.

3) Use Appropriate Polishing Ball

After you’ve washed down the hull of your aluminium boat and cleaned it to your satisfaction, now you need to polish it. When you polish your hull, make sure to use an aluminium grade polishing ball and a clean towel. You’ll use a metal polish that is graded for aluminium. Carefully rotate the polishing ball clockwise in smooth, precise movements. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe down the hull after you are done with the polishing routine that we outlined above.

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