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FAQ: How much Horsepower Do I Need for My Aluminium Boat?

Posted on 17 July 2019

While it\'s true that a streamlined aluminium boat might look as if it\'ll speed through the water at a great rate of knots, speed and responsiveness aren\'t solely dictated by the craft\'s sinewy profile. No, in order to gain real propulsion dynamism, that aluminium hull needs a suitably powered engine. As it so happens, we have a FAQ that\'s intended to dispel your horsepower worries. Come on, ...

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Why Non-Golfers Should also Have Their Own Golf Carts for Practical Reasons

Posted on 02 July 2019

It\'s true, non-golfers are buying their own golf carts. Before now, the compact vehicles, complete with battery-powered motors, did have a single job. Their job was to transport golfers and their clubs. Steered by a player, they rolled down long fairways, and then parked while golfers decided which club they needed to reach a green. Well, that\'s no longer the case. Golf carts have won over a ...

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Understanding Spiral Ducts as Void Formers for Concrete Columns

Posted on 17 June 2019

While pragmatic applications continue to make use of spiral ducting cylinders, a separate series of more aesthetically themed usage areas are realizing new and interesting ways to take advantage of these uniquely profiled tubes. That\'s another way of saying, although they\'re already a hit in the HVAC sector, spiral ducts are also making waves in a field that\'s reserved for architects and ...

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Kimple Aluminium Boats: Toughness, Strength, and Low-Maintenance in One

Posted on 03 June 2019

The knock-on effect happens when one event affects another. Some initial action has impacted a secondary effect. That\'s interesting enough, but what does it have to do with Kimple aluminium boats? Well, on applying that principle, think of a boat\'s material build as its initial state. Made of a tough but lightweight aluminium alloy, the knock-on effect here is favourable, to say the least. It ...

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Do Aluminium Boats Have Lower Maintenance Cost Compared to Other Boats?

Posted on 15 May 2019

When you purchase your first vessel, you have to weigh several different factors. You have to look at the cost of the boat, the features that it will offer, and how much the vehicle will cost in order to maintain. While the boating world is fiercely divided over which type of boat is best, aluminium and fibreglass continue to rise to the top of the conversation. Today, we are going to be looking ...

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Do Aluminium Boats Need More Outboard Motor Horsepower?

Posted on 01 May 2019

True, aluminium boats are made of metal, but their hulls offer superior strength-to-weight ratios. That means their sheet metal parts can be surprisingly thin. Fabricated out of thin, lightweight aluminium alloys, they float shallowly, so there\'s very little drag to stop a metal hull from cruising forth on a low wave. Speaking quite frankly, boats made from this particular alloy can skim across ...

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Why Choose Spiral Ducts Over Rectangular Ducts When it Comes to HVAC Systems?

Posted on 16 April 2019

Many moons ago, rectangular ducts were universal. They ruled HVAC systems. Times change, though, and spiral ducts are now every bit as popular as their four-sided peers. There may even come a time when spiral air channels are preferable. Rectangular ducts would then fade into the mists of time as an extinct form of HVAC airflow conveyance. Sounds good, but why are spiral ducts becoming so ...

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Proper Maintenance Tips for Golf Buggy Batteries

Posted on 02 April 2019

Golf buggies are tough little vehicles. They cruise up long fairways, stop while a club member takes a swing at a reachable par 4 shot, then trundle over grassy divots, all on a single charge. However, when all is said and done, a golf buggy is a battery-powered four-wheeler, and those wheels won\'t perform well if those batteries aren\'t looked after properly. Initial Maintenance ...

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Size and Specifications: Essential Things You Need to Know When Buying Aluminium Boats

Posted on 22 March 2019

Owning a boat can be a great way to relax while getting out into the sun. There are many boat options for consideration but when it comes right down to it, few boats can beat what an aluminium boat has to offer. With that being said, buying an aluminium boat isn\'t as easy as merely picking one out of a catalogue. In order to make a great purchase, buyers need to understand a few specific ...

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The Significance of a Low Modulus Elasticity in Aluminum Boats

Posted on 07 March 2019

A material that has low modulus elasticity provides impact-absorbing strength. Think of it, the ability to dampen the brunt of any impact. Sure, spongy rubbers possess that attribute, but who wants to strap layers of rubber around a streamlined boat? No, the hull material, aluminium in this case, should be structurally stiff while it also delivers a simultaneous measure of energy-absorbing ...

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Why Do Fishermen Prefer Aluminium Boats Compared to Fibreglass Boats?

Posted on 26 February 2019

Up to now, you\'ve looked at how an aluminium boat performs. You\'ve nodded in approval after reading about how a lightweight but durable metal hull can give shallow-water scrapes the cold shoulder while their sharply defined V-shaped prows cut through rough waves. Now, on taking a break from performance describing posts, it\'s time to see whether fishermen prefer tinnies, even though anglers ...

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Significance of Rib Rollers in Boat Trailers

Posted on 14 February 2019

Boat trailers convey ships to their destination. Protecting the boat\'s bodywork, they cradle that expensive investment and transport it safely to a distant shore, then they dispatch it without a single hull-snagging pause. No matter the drive conditions, the craft arrives undamaged and ready to be unloaded. Fitted at key contact points, between craft vessel and trailer cradle, rib rollers ...

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Why Kimple Aluminium Boats are the Perfect Choice for Australian Waters

Posted on 29 January 2019

All Kimple aluminium boats deliver smooth, responsive rides. That\'s a fairly impressive claim, considering the capricious nature of our Australian waters. Smooth and accommodating during the day, the waters surrounding our great southern continent can turn choppy as the day lengthens. No worries, turbulent or glassy smooth, Kimpletinnies have an aluminium-plated vessel that\'ll provide a ...

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How to Maximise the Life of Your Golf Cart Batteries

Posted on 15 January 2019

A golf cart is zipping up the fairway, bouncing and jouncing towards the 18th green. The 19th hole, the club bar, is so close. You\'re licking your lips in anticipation of a cold beer when the golf cart battery dies. It looks like your mates will beat you to the bar. Let\'s rewind time a little, let\'s see why the electric cart\'s battery up-and-die prematurely. Engaging the T.L.C ...

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Why Aluminium is the Best Material for Boat Trailers

Posted on 13 December 2018

Aluminium really is an amazing boat trailer materials. Due to the alloy\'s substantial weight-to strength coefficient, this metal is light but strong. That\'s a feature every boat owner knows and loves. Even if the tow car is a compact, not a brawny pickup truck, the job gets done. With the boat and trailer in tow, the car cruises towards a lake edge. Aluminium Boat Trailers Cruise A safely ...

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Two-stroke and Four-stroke Outboard Motor: What are the Differences?

Posted on 07 December 2018

Whether a boating enthusiast is replacing an old outboard engine or he\'s buying an entirely new craft, there are some elementary engine differences he should know about right off the bat. The differences between two-stroke and four-stroke outboards, and there are major differences, are one example of fundamental boating knowledge. So, if there are still doubts about those alternating engine ...

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Submerged Outboard Motor Recovery Tips

Posted on 21 November 2018

Dunked underwater, a submerged outboard boat motor is drowning in several meters of water. Tip number one, then, is to know where that motor has made its unexpected dive. Without knowing the exact location, you\'re going to be searching for your missing motor when you should be recovering it and carrying out your troubleshooting duties. Just like you read it, tip number one is to drop a marker. ...

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Are There Specific Aluminium Grades that are Meant for Boat Building?

Posted on 14 November 2018

Straight to the matter at hand, yes, there are specially equipped aluminium grades, which are designed to last longer and function better in boat building applications. Granted, all types of aluminium exhibit a desirable measure of corrosion resistance, but there\'s a world of difference between something that resists rust and a metal that absolutely won\'t succumb to the influences of an ...

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Correct Methods of Polishing and Cleaning Aluminium Boat Hulls

Posted on 26 October 2018

Aluminium boats are incredibly popular for people who want to hit the water without the hassle that can come along with other boat materials, such as wood. Aluminium is a durable and long-lasting material that is affordable to fabricate and easy to work with. However, with all of that being said, maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to your aluminium boat. Specifically, it is ...

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What is Antifouling Paint for Aluminium Boats?

Posted on 09 October 2018

If you possess your own aluminium boat then you are no doubt familiar with the myriad of things that you need to do in order to properly keep your vessel up and running in optimal conditions. If you don\'t own a boat and are merely looking to learn about another aspect of ownership, we can help you out. Today, we are going to be discussing the importance of applying antifouling paint to your ...

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Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Boats versus Fibreglass Boats

Posted on 26 September 2018

In the same way that cars are wildly different from one another, the same can be said for boats. Rather than focusing on model types and the specific details therein, today\'s discussion is going to be centred on the material choices that you will have as you select the type of boat you take to the water. Are you better served taking an aluminium boat or a fibreglass boat? Let\'s go ahead and ...

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Electric Golf Cart Buying Guide

Posted on 11 September 2018

Hitting a few balls at the golf course can be a great way to spend your afternoon. Still, your time can be spent even more comfortably if you have the luxury of a quality electric golf cart to ride around in. While everyone has a superficial understanding of golf carts, or golf buggies as they are sometimes known, most people haven\'t learned the proper way to go about buying one for their own ...

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5 Major Signs of Boat Engine Failure

Posted on 27 August 2018

Owning a boat is a special kind of luxury. Being able to take off for the water on the weekends in order to relax or go fishing can feel great. Unfortunately, if you don\'t follow proper maintenance protocol then you could end up having a headache instead of catching a fish. Today, we are going to focus on the most important part of your boat: the engine. Boat engines are much like engines in ...

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Using Spiral Ducts for Air Vents: What are the Benefits?

Posted on 17 August 2018

There is no topic bound to inspire as much ambivalence or excitement as the discussion of ductwork. If you are an HVAC professional or merely interested in improving the quality of airflow in your home or business, you\'ve come to the right place. While you might think that you know everything that there is to know about ductwork, we\'re going to attempt to challenge you today. Our discussion is ...

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Keeping Golf Carts in Tiptop Shape

Posted on 26 July 2018

If a Saturday at the golf course doesn\'t sound relaxing enough, imagine spending it with your very own golf cart. Of course, owning a golf cart can feel like the height of luxury but that doesn\'t mean that you can get completely lazy. While golf carts are far from the kind of vehicles you\'d expect to rack up serious wear-and-tear, they still need to be properly maintained. In order to properly ...

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What Makes Aluminium Boat Trailers Durable and Sturdy?

Posted on 09 July 2018

Aluminium is a sturdy, lightweight metal. It\'s the perfect alloy for those applications that require a degree of mobility. But we\'re talking about boat trailers, not aerospace technology, about road vehicles, not space vehicles. Before dealing with any structural demands, then, it\'s probably a good idea to source a durable aluminium alloy. Keep 5052 aluminium in mind when you\'re looking for a ...

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Common Mechanical Failures of Outboard Motors

Posted on 22 June 2018

Don\'t be left floating hopelessly on a lake. Without your outboard motor, you\'re left having to call for help on your VHF marine radio. The weekend outing is a bust. Wouldn\'t things go better if you knew the common mechanical failures to expect? Put the VHF handset down, think for a moment, and put your best outboard motor repair eyeglasses on for the work ahead. The Mechanically ...

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Practical Uses of Golf Carts

Posted on 08 June 2018

Golf carts have a talent for multipurpose duties. While one model is conveying golfers, a nearly identical vehicle is roaming a residential neighbourhood as street transport. In such cases, they\'re used as touring vehicles and around-town transportation. A warm climate is the only prerequisite. Even large gated communities use these motorized sedans. Residents just love riding mobile electric ...

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Dealing with Corrosion Problems in Aluminium Boats

Posted on 28 May 2018

The sun is shining and your weekend is free, so what better way to spend your time than out on the water? If you fish in an aluminium boat, you likely know all of the benefits that come with the territory. Aluminium boats are durable, affordable, and lightweight boats that you can take to the water with relative ease. Aluminium boats run into few problems but one of their biggest issues is ...

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Why Do You Need an Aluminium Boat When Starting a Fishing Hobby?

Posted on 09 May 2018

There is nothing quite like hitting the water with a cooler full of drinks and a long day of fishing ahead of you. Fishing as a hobby can provide many benefits to people of all ages. However, fishing as a hobby can be hard to get into unless you have a solid foundation of knowledge on your side. Today, we are going to focus on an area of conversation that is rarely discussed with fledgling ...

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Top Three Factors to Consider When Buying Your Aluminium Boat Trailer

Posted on 26 April 2018

To be able to tow your boat safely on the road, it is crucial to select the right type of trailer. This is no easy task since there are so many styles and sizes of them on the market today. Also, there are various materials in these trailers and one in particular is easier to care for than the others, namely aluminium. Its attributes include that it is lightweight, able to be galvanised, rust ...

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Why Should You Use Marine Grade Paints for Kimple Aluminium Boats?

Posted on 13 April 2018

A tough aluminium craft is skipping over the waves. Its hull catches the sun. That metal is unblemished. An oxide layer is protecting the alloy from the water and the environment. Nevertheless, oxide coatings scratch and corrosion-resistant alloys aren\'t corrosion-proof. That\'s one of the reasons advanced marine grade paints are applied to Kimple aluminium boats. Designed to absolutely protect ...

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Boat Buying Tips 101: What to Look for in Aluminium Boats

Posted on 28 March 2018

The following boat buying tips are intended as a purchasing primer. Aluminium boats, the subject of this purchasing guide, are sold in numerous styles and constructions, so a shopping trip to acquire one of these metallic beauties can be something of a baffling experience. Returning to the basics, let\'s learn all about hull design and the rivet versus welded body debate. Come on, the buying ...

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Reasons Why You Should Choose to Buy Powertec Outboard Motors

Posted on 15 March 2018

A number of headlining descriptors slide into place above each Powertec outboard motor. On the one hand, this iconic marine propulsion line is famous for its power. Then, on looking at another member of this elite engine group, they\'re renowned for their reliable, performance-tuned capabilities. Isn\'t speed and power enough? Why does engine reliability matter? Check out this singular boating ...

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How to Load Your Kimple Aluminium Boat to Your Trailer

Posted on 28 February 2018

If you\'re wondering how to load your Kimple aluminium boat onto your trailer, you\'ll benefit from this easy-to-follow guide. To begin with, you\'re dealing with marine-grade aluminium. The boat is durable, but that doesn\'t mean it enjoys being mishandled. Take care of the craft when you\'re loading it on that mobile cradle. Now, with the cautionary memo taken care of, let\'s get your boat ...

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How to Launch Your Kimple Aluminium Boat to the Water

Posted on 14 February 2018

As the workday drags, the need to get out on the water becomes irresistible. Little do your workmates realise, there\'s a Kimple aluminium boat prepped and loaded on its trailer. It\'s Friday afternoon, so climb into your truck, pull the trailer out of your driveway, and head for the nearest boat ramp. You\'re going to launch your Kimple, and here\'s how you\'ll get the job done. Arriving at ...

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Cleaning Tips for Aluminium Boat Hulls

Posted on 25 January 2018

In this case, a specially selected aluminium cleaner works best. Dull and stained at the water-line, the boat\'s lustre has faded, but that branded chemical compound soon restores the glossy surface. Hang on, what if this solution is harmful, not helpful? Tip number one, then, would be to select a chemical cleansing agent that\'s tailored for marine aluminium surfaces. Here, let\'s expand on that ...

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Oxidation on Aluminium Boats: What is it?

Posted on 12 January 2018

Oxidation is a condition that most of us associate with iron. Ferrous products just corrode unless they\'re specially treated. As for oxidation on aluminium boats, is this a big problem? Unfortunately, marine aluminium does oxidize, although it doesn\'t rust like steel. Remember, aluminium oxide coatings protect the underlying metal. They provide an invisible barrier, a dull film that stops ...

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Aluminium Boat Detailing Steps and Procedures

Posted on 06 December 2017

Isn\'t that tinny at the end of the mooring line looking a little battered and beat-up? The aluminium boat in question is just well-used, you say. Okay, when the daylight hits it just so, the formerly pristine hull is looking dilapidated, but there\'s a fix for that problem, isn\'t there? Follow the sequence we\'re about to set forth in digital ink. The guide will show you how to apply some ...

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What Makes Kimple Boats Special?

Posted on 04 December 2017

We\'re often asked what it takes to make a boat manufacturer stand out? In the case of an aluminium craft that\'s a cut above the rest, is it fabricating know-how that makes the difference? Maybe it\'s an innate ability to pair the right design with a certain environment? Well, we believe Kimple is that premium grade boat builder, and here\'s why. Kimple Boats Are Built to Last  Fair ...

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Things to Remember When Buying a New Powertec Outboard Motor

Posted on 07 November 2017

Some would argue that the most important aspect of a day out on the water is a leak-proof boat. We won\'t argue there, but we will posit that it always helps to have a high quality motor on hand. Today we are going to talk about the Powertec Outboard Motors that have become so popular in the boating industry. These boat motors range in size, power, and efficiency and there is one for almost every ...

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Keep Your Boat Trailers Clean and Well Maintained

Posted on 01 November 2017

Part of owning a boat is having the ability to haul it where it needs to go. That is a job that a boat trailer can handle for you. Boat trailers are sturdy little machines that you can attach to the back of your vehicle by way of a hitch. While these trailers are rugged and come in a variety of different sizes, from single-axle to tandem-axle, they still need proper care and maintenance. Today we ...

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Lockseam Spiral Tube Manufacturer and Supplier in Victoria

Posted on 17 October 2017

The construction industry is one that requires the absolute best out of each component in their tool box and each piece of material that they work with. Why? Naturally, because people are going to rely on their work for a long time -- ideally. That is why it is always best to opt for the best of the best, top of the line materials when you take on a job. If your construction team has to erect ...

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The Many Benefits of Using an Aluminium Fishing Boat

Posted on 09 October 2017

Aluminium is a special kind of lightweight metal that has been used for ages to construct boats of all sizes. Aluminium fishing boats, in particular, are starting to gain some very real popularity around the world in contrast to their fibreglass, among other styles, counterparts. While many people use aluminium fishing boats, most of them don\'t really know the benefits that they are actively ...

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How to Remove Small Dents from Aluminium Fishing Boats

Posted on 28 September 2017

Aluminium boats are one of the more popular types of fishing boats for people all around the world. They slice through the water easily, have low upkeep requirements, and tend to be easier to handle on the waves -- not to mention they are more economical! Still, aluminium boats have their own downsides as well and those come in the form of dents. Looking at a dented fishing boat can be enough to ...

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3 Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Aluminium Fishing Boat

Posted on 11 September 2017

Aluminium fishing boats are great crafts for a day out on the lake. They offer a lightweight build that seems to move easily through the water, thus preventing the need for a high powered engine. Aluminium boats are more affordable and more durable than their fibreglass counterparts, but they require special attention in regards to maintenance. Listed below you will find three simple maintenance ...

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Quick Fix for Minor Leaks in Aluminium Boats

Posted on 28 August 2017

Even a reliable aluminium boat can develop a minor leak. The seams develop a gap, a rivet loosens enough to allow a small rivulet of water to dribble into the boat, or maybe a hairline scratch splits the tough alloy below the waterline. It\'s happened, so there\'s no use complaining. What really matters now are the actions you take next. Make them the right actions by knowing these quick fix ...

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Applications and Uses of Galvanized Spiral Ducts

Posted on 10 August 2017

Galvanized spiral ducts are manufactured from aesthetically pleasing lengths of polished metal. Visually appealing by design, the locking seam coiling around the ductwork sees the pipes installed as decorative artifices, perhaps as a steel jacket on a concrete pillar. On the flip side of such architectural utilization instances, this is also an HVAC ducting solution, one that excels due to that ...

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What Makes Aluminium Boats Easy to Maintain?

Posted on 24 July 2017

For years, people have known the benefits of constructing items out of aluminium and this includes boats. Aluminium is an ideal material for boats since it is resistant to corrosion, durable, lightweight, economical and easy to maintain. The last feature is highly important to the majority of boat owners as they want to spend their free time exploring the waterways here in Australia instead of ...

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What to Look for When Buying Your Own Golf Cart

Posted on 10 July 2017

Golf carts help golfers travel around the golf courses in an easy manner in order to preserve their energy for the game. Also, people use them to travel around retirement centres and other places that allow them in place of vehicles that cost more to operate. Before you purchase your own golf cart, though, you should read our advice on what to look for in this information. It will help guide you ...

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Differentiating Outboard Motors and Knowing What is Right for Your Aluminium Boat

Posted on 27 June 2017

Boat owners have choices when they\'re selecting an outboard motor. Not positionally, of course, because the engine\'s attached to a reinforced aft wall. No, there are no great decisions to be made regarding the location of the propulsion system. As for the type of engine, well, there are several options. Having said that, how do you differentiate outboard motors by type? Basic Outboard Engine ...

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Checklist in Winterizing your Aluminium Boats

Posted on 13 June 2017

Enjoy the boating season while you can, because it won\'t last forever. Leaves fall, the wind turns chilly, and winter is on your doorstep. There\'s a lot to do, and maybe you\'ve left things a little late, but don\'t worry too much, not when you\'ve got access to a checklist for winterizing your aluminium boat. Starting off with your aluminium hull, let\'s get started before the hard winter ...

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Differences Between Golf Carts and Golf Buggies

Posted on 23 May 2017

When you\'re out for a quick spin around an 18-hole golf course, you\'re not thinking about the differences between golf carts and golf buggies. In all likelihood, you\'re picturing the \"19-th hole,\" the pub that\'s located just inside the clubhouse. Like many other before you, you may even use the two labels interchangeably. Still, there are some very obvious differences between the two golf ...

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Fine Qualities of Aluminium Alloy for Boats

Posted on 08 May 2017

Aluminium is a lightweight metal, a multipurpose material whose application base is now outpacing steel, at least in transport-centric applications. The light alloy dominates aerospace materials, it\'s used in cars and trucks, and you\'re seeing aluminium alloys in boat construction. It\'s obviously a capable material, one that\'s taking over every industry and commercial enterprise. Boat ...

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Top 5 Reasons Why Kimple Aluminium Boats Are the Best

Posted on 24 April 2017

When in the market for an aluminium boat, there are a number of different considerations. You should first and foremost seek out a durable brand to provide you with the maximum return on your investment. Of course, there are other features to look for in the brand that you choose to explore, such as the quality of the materials in the boats, how much maintenance they require, their fuel ...

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Boat Trailers’ Weight Limit: How to Choose the Right One for Your Boat

Posted on 10 April 2017

Selecting the ideal boat trailer to haul your boat on with your vehicle can be a confusing task if you do not know what to look for in one. The size of the trailer is not the only consideration for one thing. You must also ensure that the trailer will carry the weight of your boat in a safe manner. Refer to the following information to learn how to choose the right trailer, according to the ...

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Tips in Choosing Outboard Motors for Aluminium Boats

Posted on 21 March 2017

Despite their compact dimensions, today\'s outboard motors pack some serious power. Still, without the right propulsion hardware, that speedy craft is just an oversized canoe, a nice flotation device, but hardly one you want to paddle back to shore. Avoid that unpleasantness by using these tips to choose the right outboard motor for any aluminium boat. Builder\'s Plate Check Not every craft ...

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Aluminium Sheet Thickness: Does this have an effect to Aluminium Boats?

Posted on 17 March 2017

Aluminium is a frequently employed boat construction material. It\'s easy to machine, of course, and there are many instances where \"aluminum\" (An Americanism) works as a tough transportation shell. A balance is needed, though, a mechanical toughness that works with a corresponding buoyancy profile to create a craft that cuts effortlessly through the water. Weighing Aluminium Sheet ...

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Manufacturer and Supplier of Ducting Wire and Spiral Duct

Posted on 23 February 2017

Ducting wire is designed to act as a robust flexible hose backbone. Similarly, spiral duct conduits use a helical seam to reinforce a strong tubular metal profile. Vendors and engineers have obviously conspired to produce two formidable pipe-reinforcing designs. Let\'s see what a lead piping manufacturer and supplier has to say about these spiraling pipe solutions. The Drawbacks of Plain Pipe ...

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Advantages of Aluminium Alloy in Boat Construction

Posted on 14 February 2017

The continued popularity of fishing on rivers and lakes has spawned countless boat designs, fishing boats made from timber, fibreglass, and aluminium are used by both beginners and professional fisher folk. However, the attributes of fishing boats, such as their seaworthiness, and the ability and ease of getting these in and out of the water, is also important. For most who do not have personal ...

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AWW Golf Carts and Golf Trailers: Functions and Features

Posted on 31 January 2017

Only golfers know how fast the terrain can change on a challenging course. A traditional links course is fairly flat, but the marsh-hemmed coastline can play havoc with wheel traction. The sloping terrain on a modern course brings its own unique course-navigating problems, which is why Golf Carts and Golf Trailers are designed to accommodate some specialized performance features. Let\'s see what ...

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Aluminium Boat Safety & Maintenance Tips

Posted on 17 January 2017

Classed as a lightweight but durable metal, aluminium alloys are employed in countless transportation-related industries. The alloy has become the backbone of the aeronautics industry, for example, and its high strength-to-weight ratio also makes it a perfect material for the shipping sector. In assessing aluminium boat safety and maintenance tips, we need to know a little more about this ...

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Reasons to Buy Kimple Boats

Posted on 18 February 2014

Kimple Boats are light and durable made of marine grade aluminum providing shock and scratch resistance characteristics able to withstand extreme climate and conditions. Getting into more detail, below we will discuss the reasons why you should buy a Kimple Boat: Greater Selection Of Boat Sizes Whether you are looking for a small runabout or a 20 seat client transport, Kimple either has it or ...

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Aluminium Fishing Boats

Posted on 28 January 2014

Small lightweight and durable boats made of aluminium are most often used for freshwater fishing. Generally a very simple craft, featuring riveted or welded aluminum hulls and bench seating, they can be operated in fish-friendly places - shallow water, coves, inlets - not many other boats can reach. The flat hull also makes the boat more stable in calm water, which is good not only for anglers, ...

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Trailer Boats

Posted on 14 January 2014

The first step in discussing trailer boats is understanding just what the term means. A trailer boat is a boat small enough to be stored on dry land, transported via the trailer and launched into the water from the trailer, all without extensive assembly or disassembly. There are advantages to a trailer boat over a larger boat that resides on the water for its entire useful life. The first ...

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Targeted species in Murray River System

Posted on 29 November 2013

Fishing is one of those survival tactics that was so engrossing and entertaining that it made the transition from necessity to hobby. Those lucky enough to live within convenient traveling distance to the Murray river system have a variety of game fish that they target. This variety covers the gamut of sizes and also provide a variety of differing culinary uses that keeps people coming back for ...

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Benefits of sail outboard motors

Posted on 15 November 2013

What is a sail outboard motor and what benefit comes of having one? A sail outboard motor is a motor that can be used to propel small sailboats. Since smaller sailboats tend to place a premium on the weight of the entire vessel and equipment, it is rare for a small sailboat to be equipped with an inboard motor. The things that make sail outboard motors different from outboards for other small ...

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Aluminium vs. Timber boats

Posted on 15 October 2013

Today\'s small boats are almost exclusively comprised of three materials: aluminium, fibreglass, and timber. Of the three, aluminium has become the most popular, a trend that is continuing to grow in the overwhelming favour of aluminium. Below, we will discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of aluminium versus timber as a boat material. Weight is the first issue to compare. In ...

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Aluminium vs. fibreglass boats

Posted on 01 October 2013

Today\'s small boats are almost exclusively comprised of three materials: aluminium, fibreglass, and timber. Of the three, aluminium has become the most popular, a trend that is continuing to grow in the overwhelming favor of aluminium. Below, we will discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of aluminium versus fibreglass as a boat material. The first comparison of the two materials ...

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