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Benefits of sail outboard motors

Blog | 15 November 2013

What is a sail outboard motor and what benefit comes of having one?

A sail outboard motor is a motor that can be used to propel small sailboats. Since smaller sailboats tend to place a premium on the weight of the entire vessel and equipment, it is rare for a small sailboat to be equipped with an inboard motor. The things that make sail outboard motors different from outboards for other small watercraft are both the attention to reducing size and weight as well as having longer shafts. The longer shafts tend to be necessary as small sailboats do not have attachment points near water level as most small boats do.

What Use is Such a Motor?

There are three benefits of having a sail outboard on any small sailboat. The first is avoiding being stranded by a dead calm. While modern sail architecture is very efficient at catching even small breezes, there will surely rise moments where there is simply no wind to catch. In the event that there is some time constraint on the boating trip, being able to start the motor and get back to the dock under power is a huge asset.

The second benefit of such an outboard is being able to power through rougher water. When wind picks up and becomes choppy, as it does before storms, the erratic air currents and more pronounced waves can make holding a steady course extremely difficult. With a propulsion source that does not rely on the erratic wind, getting to a destination is far easier.

The last, and probably most crucial benefit of a sail outboard is control. Being propelled by the wind is a wonderful feeling, but it does not lend itself to pinpoint control. When maneuvering around docks crowded with other watercraft, the motor allows controlled propulsion to avoid accidents.

How to Choose the Right Motor

The general formula is 4HP per 2200 lbs of displacement. This is with normal use considered. Those planning to make extensive use of the motor as the primary propulsion or in areas where choppy water is more common may be wise to opt for a little more power to deal with the greater demands. One real caveat when choosing a motor is selecting a reputable local dealer. Many get pulled in by the low prices of some cheaper Chinese manufacturers and, to their dismay, learn that less expensive does not equal better value. Warranty issues and differing emissions standards are reason enough to shop locally for the outboard.

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