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Benefits of Choosing Aluminium Boats versus Fibreglass Boats

Blog | 26 September 2018

In the same way that cars are wildly different from one another, the same can be said for boats. Rather than focusing on model types and the specific details therein, today’s discussion is going to be centred on the material choices that you will have as you select the type of boat you take to the water. Are you better served taking an aluminium boat or a fibreglass boat? Let’s go ahead and highlight all of the reasons that an aluminium boat may be the better choice for your next water adventure.

Benefits of Choosing an Aluminium Boat

When you first start shopping around for your boat we wouldn’t blame you to be more transfixed by the little details rather than the actual material of the boat. With that being said, the material that your vessel is made of is incredibly important. Two of the most popular materials for boats here in Australia are fibreglass and aluminium. While both boating types have a positive reputation, we’re here to highlight how aluminium can be the smarter choice for you. Let’s break down the benefits of your aluminium boat into sections.

1) Low Maintenance – With an aluminium vessel you are getting a boat that doesn’t require much in the form of maintenance. Your aluminium boat likely will only need you to occasionally wash off salt buildup.

2) Affordability – Comparing aluminium boats to fibreglass boats in terms of price is almost unfair. Aluminium boats are significantly cheaper without compromising any of the quality that you require. We firmly believe that aluminium boats have better value than their more expensive fibreglass counterparts.

3) Durability – Probably the most important area that aluminium is significantly better than fibreglass. Your aluminium boat can withstand traditional wear and tear at a much higher rate than fibreglass can. Additionally, your aluminium boat will handle dents and scratches with ease while those same problems could prove expensive to repair on a fibreglass vessel.

4) More Options – Finally, aluminium boats are easier to design and easier to fabricate. You’ll have more dynamic options when it comes to selecting an aluminium boat in comparison to a fibreglass vessel. If having a unique, well-outfitted boat is important then picking an aluminium boat is a no-brainer.

As you can see, aluminium boats have plenty of benefits that should be considered. While traditional fibreglass boats look impressive, they fall short in a number of key areas. Call us today in order to discuss the next boat you decide to take home and our talented technicians will be happy to guide you along the way.


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