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AWW Golf Carts and Golf Trailers: Functions and Features

Blog | 31 January 2017

Only golfers know how fast the terrain can change on a challenging course. A traditional links course is fairly flat, but the marsh-hemmed coastline can play havoc with wheel traction. The sloping terrain on a modern course brings its own unique course-navigating problems, which is why Golf Carts and Golf Trailers are designed to accommodate some specialized performance features. Let’s see what functions and features put the AWW Golf Buggy family above the rest.

Redefining Performance-Graded Golf Carts 

Relaxing golf excursions are chore-free when a four-wheeled friend is parked nearby. The electric buggy is plugged into the power supply and imperceptibly humming as it finishes its charge cycle. AWW Golf carts enhances this scenario a tad by adopting a semi-off road build. After all, this is cultivated ground, but it’s still considered a cross-country environment. The power steering, courtesy of Curtis Controllers, smoothly handles refined fairways and coarse terrain with equal ease, thus leaving the German engineered drivetrain to coast across every bump and ground depression while delivering a comfortable ride.

Addressing Golf Trailer Attributes 

They’re more than utilitarian, the AWW Golf Trailers. They’re also built to an exacting manufacturing standard so that they’ll capably protect their transported loads. The fully galvanized frame endorses that statement, yet there’s more we haven’t mentioned. For example, there are two stout 13-inch tyres providing drive stability. Above the frame and its drive parts, a pair of widened transport rails are coated in indented grip patterns, a provision that ensures the Golf Buggy will always adhere to its stationary orientation, no matter how rough the drive becomes. If these safety features aren’t enough, check out the LED lights and the tiltable support platform, with the latter mechanism acting as a cart unburdening highlight.

A New Spin on the Ancient Game 

Golfing trips are meant to be fun, not a chore. That message exactly sums up the spirit that has shaped these products. A broadened fleet of Golf Carts accommodates every need, with 4 wheel hydraulic brakes and power steering hugging the manicured fairways. The drive is a pleasure, the experience is a sporting indulgence, and the back-breaking golf bag is securely fastened in back.

In short, there’s an environmentally friendly electric golf buggy with rugged course navigating credentials for everyone. Its profile is bound to be compact but comfortable. Its transportation partner, a high-end golf trailer, will also satisfy the most discriminating driver, with the easy-load frame taking on the role of reliable a cart chauffeur.

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