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Advantages of Aluminium Alloy in Boat Construction

Blog | 14 February 2017

The continued popularity of fishing on rivers and lakes has spawned countless boat designs, fishing boats made from timber, fibreglass, and aluminium are used by both beginners and professional fisher folk. However, the attributes of fishing boats, such as their seaworthiness, and the ability and ease of getting these in and out of the water, is also important. For most who do not have personal dock space to keep their boats in-water, the ease of launching and transport is more important than a boats performance.

The main characteristics of a ‘good’ fishing boat are its strength, durability and lightweight, and in these regards, the advantages of aluminium alloy in boat construction, for use on lakes and rivers, outweigh the benefits of timber and fibreglass.

Aluminium Alloy Used in Boat Construction has Many Advantages

Small boats today are mainly comprised of timber, fibreglass, and aluminium, of these three materials, aluminium is by far the most beneficial. In fact, the use of aluminium as the preferred boat building material continues to grow, greatly surpassing both timber and fibreglass. The reason for this is obvious because when compared to other materials the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages.

Aluminium vs. Timber

When comparing small timber boats with aluminium boats, the main difference is weight. While timber boats are very stable because of their weight, transporting and launching these from trailers is not as easy as lightweight aluminium boats. Also, aluminium boats require less maintenance and repairs, which are some of the major factors that drive their continued popularity among fishing enthusiasts. Basically, aluminium does not corrode, rot, and is element proof, and timber is not.

Aluminium vs. Fibreglass

It’s true, fibreglass boats are lighter than timber boats, but these still weigh much more than an aluminium boats of the same size, and moving and storing boats made from aluminium is much easier. Also, like timber, fibreglass boats are not immune to weathering, and as the material degrades from use and exposure to extreme heat and cold, cracks form, and maintenance and repair costs can exceed even timber boats.

While larger boats made from either timber or fibreglass may be more stable on the water, when it comes to the construction of small boats, aluminium alloy is the ideal construction material.

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