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3 Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Aluminium Fishing Boat

Blog | 11 September 2017

Aluminium fishing boats are great crafts for a day out on the lake. They offer a lightweight build that seems to move easily through the water, thus preventing the need for a high powered engine. Aluminium boats are more affordable and more durable than their fibreglass counterparts, but they require special attention in regards to maintenance. Listed below you will find three simple maintenance tips for keeping your aluminium fishing boat in great shape. Remember, proper maintenance is more affordable than repairing or replacing your boat.

Keep Your Boat Dry

A common problem with aluminium boats is that they tend to corrode over time, and this is called galvanic corrosion. The easiest way to avoid this galvanic corrosion is to simply keep the boat dry. After a day out on the lake make sure to pull the plugs on your boat for proper drainage. If you use your boat frequently then consider storing it face down in a spot that gets plenty of sun. Remember: when water and metal meet, galvanic corrosion happens in aluminium. Limit your boats’ exposure to water when not in use. Another little add-on tip: remove all carpeting from your boat. Fabric is a haven for moisture and a blow to cleanliness in your boat.

Wash the Boat after Salt Water Exposure

If you take your aluminium boat out onto salt water then you are adding additional risk to the possibility of galvanic corrosion. Aluminium and salt water do not mix well and you will want to get into the habit of cleaning your boat off after every usage. Take hot water and soap and apply it liberally to your boat before rinsing thoroughly and storing dry. Pay special attention to your engine, also. Salt build up on an engine can be disastrous over a long enough period of time.

Paint the Hull 

An easy way to prevent wear and tear, as well as galvanic corrosion, is to paint the hull of your boat up to the water line. Painting the hull of your boat will help to alleviate potential fouling from corrosion. In order to properly paint an aluminium hull you will need to go through several important steps in order to properly do the job. First, your aluminium boat needs to be completely clean. Then you need to take a tack cloth and rub from the water line down and below the vessel. After you do this you will next prime the boat with a primer designed for aluminium oxide surfaces. After that is done you are ready to lay down a couple coats of whatever paint you would like.

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